Large Offices and Clubs

WMF 1200S


  • Makes approx. 50 cups before requiring refilling
  • Dual spout for making 2 coffees at the same time
  • Powder dispenser for chocolate, chai or other soluble products
  • Water source options of mains water or tanked
  • Hot water spout
  • Programmable for up to 12 specialty coffee selections
  • Self Cleaning operation

BLEND Description :

Roast Level


The WMF 1200S coffee machine allows making great coffee in the office easy, press one button and the WMF 1200s coffee machine will do the rest for you. The all in one dual spout allows for two specialty coffees to be made at the same time.

The stylish WMF 1200S is compact yet powerful, using WMF’s professional boiler and “Easy Milk” system technology to ensure a beautiful coffee every time.


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