Drinking Water

PureBean have been providing pure drinking
water systems for over 20 years. Call us today
and we can help you find the best water solution
for your workplace.

Our water cooler options

  • Rental options for less than $10+gst / week for a filtered water system including
    installation and maintenance.
  • Call us for a no obligation quote and tailor made solution for your water needs.
  • Never run out of drinking water.
  • No need to store big heavy water bottles.
  • Fully inclusive maintenance and support from our expert technicians.
  • Free Standing or Bench Top units available.

our coolers

Plumbed Cooler

These coolers are automatically refilled and filtered from the mains water.

Classic Cooler

These coolers look the same as a traditional bottled water cooler and can be placed anywhere in your workspace. They have a bottle with a lid that is simply refilled with tap water using a container. The water is filtered internally.

Under the Sink Cooler

These small units are neatly installed under your sink, this system will filter and cool your water. The water is delivered by a stainless steel faucet attached to the top of your sink.

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