Mini Barista



  • Fully automatic touch screen operation
  • Single grinder with large 1.5 kg bean hopper
  • Large powder dispenser for automatic chocolate, chai or other drinks
  • Highly customisable touch screen with multiple cup sizes option
  • Integrated manual steam wand (can be disabled)
  • Integrated water tank or plumbed into mains water
  • Optional waste drain connection
  • 10 amp power only required
  • Automated and simple to follow cleaning cycles
  • Recommended for approximately 50 to 200 cups per day

BLEND Description :

Roast Level


Stylish, powerful and versatile. The Mini Barista offers something for everyone. Its large product hoppers make it ideal for high demand busy offices and customer service areas. The touch screen allows for customised specialty beverages specific to your requirements, with multiple cup sizes easily programmed in. The automatic milk system delivers flat milk as well as beautiful, creamy microfoam covering the full range of coffees. In addition the powder dispenser means you can add rich hot chocolates and mocha beverages to your range. The integrated manual steamer gives you the Barista look and feel if you want to steam your own milk and make latte art. In addition the manual steamer makes the Mini Barista a great option for pubs and clubs, and keeping the machine clean is very easy with easy to follow animated cleaning cycles. Add to these features the option to run from its own water tank, or connect to mains water plus the optional drain and only needing a 10 amp power supply, the Mini Barista is hard to beat!

Technical Specifications

Daily output:  200 cups
Water tank:  4L
Bean Hopper:  1,500 gr
Powder Hopper (Milk/Chocolate): 1,200gr/2,000gr
Display Size:  7.1″
Automatic Steam Wand:  Yes
Hot Water Outlet:  Yes
Power Usage:  220-240V – 50/60Hz, 2700-3100W
Connection:  G3/4’ or 4L Water Tank
Water Pressure:  Max 0.6Mpa
Dimensions:  340mm (W) x 545mm(D) x 620mm (H)
Weight:  26 Kg


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