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Mini Barista



  • The metallic bodied brewer  designed for simple servicing and long service life. Dosablefor up to 21 grams of coffee per shot to allow for a range of coffees from small regular cups up to XL large strong beverages.​
  • Automatic chocolate programmable with or with out Provides an option for the non coffeedrinkers at your site as well as adding the delicious Mochaccino to the beverage range.​
  • Ceramic flat blades accurately grind the coffee beans into a uniform powder , bringing out the unique flavour of the coffee  and giving more balance and taste​
  • Automatic milk frothing system makes foamy and flat milk, allowing precise recipe control for everything from a latte to a flat white and the additional manual steam arm for custom  made milk
  • The large touch screen is customisable. Create your own named beverages and pictures specific to the needs of your site. Three cup sizes can be programmed for each drink selection.​
  • A programmable manual steam wand and hot water disp
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Mini Barista


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