Office Coffee Machine Rental

Complete Coffee Solutions For Your Office And Workplace

PureBean provides a range of coffee machines to rent or buy.
There are no hidden costs. Your monthly rental covers all servicing and maintenance.
Call 1300 131 142 and we can help you find the best coffee machine to suit your requirements.

At PureBean, we believe that the satisfaction and convenience that come from enjoying café quality coffee in the workplace is unparalleled.

Knowing that a great cup of coffee is just an arm’s length away boosts employees’ morale, increases productivity, and enhances overall work satisfaction. Our freshly roasted specialty coffee beans brewed in a high quality coffee machine for office use promises to make every coffee-lovers dream come true.

Our team will set you up with fantastic office coffee machines that really provide cafe-quality coffee and supply you with freshly roasted specialty coffee beans.

  • Mini Barista


    • Fully automatic touch screen operation
    • Single grinder with large 1.5 kg bean hopper
    • Large powder dispenser for automatic chocolate, chai or other drinks
    • Highly customisable touch screen with multiple cup sizes option
    • Integrated manual steam wand (can be disabled)
    • Integrated water tank or plumbed into mains water
    • Optional waste drain connection
    • 10 amp power only required
    • Automated and simple to follow cleaning cycles
    • Recommended for approximately 50 to 200 cups per day
  • WMF 1100S


    • Can handle up to 70 cups per hour
    • WMF Easy Milk system for auto-milk, or the steam wand for the office barista!
    • Powder dispenser for chocolate, chai, or decaf
    • Water source options of Plumbed or Tanked
    • Steam Jet for cup warming
    • Hot water spout
    • Programmable for up to 12 specialty coffee selections
    • Small – Medium – Large for each button.
  • F11 Espresso


    • Fully automatic ‘bean to cup’ espresso machine
    • 7″ touch screen display
    • One touch operation for all drinks
    • Automatic fresh milk steamer
    • Programmable for up to 16 speciality coffee selections
    • Water tank or plumbed in options
  • WMF Espresso


    • 2 x milk foam preparation methods -fully-automatic or traditional
    • Brewing time monitoring & software assisted grind adjustment
    • A new level of control via Touch Display
    • Steam Jet for centralised pre-heating of cups
    • An air-cooled bean hopper per group head
    • Heatable cup storage with soft closure
    • Handmade. Automatically.
    • CoffeeConnect Software
  • F2 PLUS


    • Fully automatic coffee machine
    • Two bean hoppers with 1.2kg capacity each
    • Chocolate hopper 1kg capacity
    • Chai hopper 1kgcapacity
    • Easy to use 10-inch touch screen with ability to customise coffee types
    • Dual grinders with ceramic flat blades for accurate, unified grinding
    • Smooth milk frothing system for perfect milk
    • Self-cleaning program
    • Energy saving ECO mode
    • Advised capacity of 300 cups per day
    • Customizable screen saver options
    • Metallic Body and Brewer
    • Water tank capacity 4L Tank or can be Plumbed
    • Grounds container capacity of approx 100 shots
    • 10-amp power required
  • WMF 1500S+


    • Fully automatic and customisable 10″ touch screen operation
    • Large machine for high volume environments
    • WMF CoffeeConnect is built in and allows you to monitor your 1500S+
    • Optional dual bean hoppers and grinders (Extra cost + Delivery lead time)
    • Automatic Hot Chocolate
    • Optional through the bench grounds disposal + Hopper extensions for high volume use
    • The 1500S+ is more environmentally friendly with reduced energy consumption, fewer chemicals and almost entirely recyclable. WMF is an ISO 14001 Certified brand.
    • Requires plumbing and drain + 15 amp power
    • HACCP compliant automated cleaning system
  • ECM Elektronika II Profi


    • Individually programmable dosing through control panel
    • Professional steam and hot water wands made from stainless steel
    • Quiet rotary pump
    • Automatic cleaning program through control panel
    • Low-noise performance through sound-insulated body
    • Switchable from water tank to a fixed water connection.
    • Big drip tray with much space – even for big cups
    • 2 Ergonomically angled ECM portafilters with weight-balanced shape.
    • Cup warmer
  • Cafe Group Machines

    We have a range of high quality and reliable semi-automatic group machines to suit your café, restaurant, sporting club or workplace where you would like to do it all yourself, available with 1, 2 or 3 group heads.

    Along with the group coffee machine, all of your needs are covered with our supply of automatic and manual grinders, knock tubes of various sizes and tampers.

    These machines and accessories are available for you to rent or purchase. Give us a call today so we can chat about what best suits your needs.

  • ECM Elektronika 2 Group


    • 2 Group Heads
    • Individually programmable dosing through control panel
    • Professional steam and hot water wands made from stainless steel
    • Quiet rotary pump
    • Automatic cleaning program through control panel
    • Low-noise performance through sound-insulated body
    • Water tank with reed contact for automatic shut-off in case of water shortage
    • Big drip tray with much space – even for big cups
    • Ergonomic chromed filter holder for perfectly weight-balanced handling
    • Cup warmer
  • WMF 5000S+


    • WMF Dynamic Milk allows hot and cold milk foam drinks – optional extra
    • WMF Coffee Connect for remote monitoring
    • LCD menu system that can be customised for self service, food service operations and is brandable.
    • Mains water supply and drain connection for high volume
    • Intelligent Dynamic Coffee Assist automatically adjusts for the perfect coffee
    • Dynamic Milk Assist continuously monitors the milk temperature and flow and can also reliably detect when the milk is empty
    • WMF Plug&Clean system is the only fully automated and HACCP certified milk cleaning system on the market. This a patented technology and exclusive to WMF
  • Saeco Royal Cappuccino


    • Twin Pumps
      Allows you to simultaneously steam milk while extracting coffee
    • Pre Ground Coffee Bypass
      Allows pre ground coffee to be used for decaf and flavoured coffees
    • Coffee Dosage Adjustment
      Gives you total control over your coffee’s taste
    • Hot Water Nozzle
      Dispensing Unit for 2 Cups
      The dispensing head can pour two cups at once
    • 2.4 Lt Water Container
      For longer periods between refills. No plumbing required.
    • Swivel Support
      Allows easy cleaning without lifting
    • Cup Warming Tray
      To keep cups warm
    • 15 Bar Pressure
      For perfect crema
    • Digital Display
      For ease of operation
  • Necta Koro Prime Espresso


    • Fully automatic ‘bean to cup’ espresso machine
    • One touch operation for all drinks
    • Makes approx 75 cups before requiring refill
    • Option of plumbed or tanked water supply
    • Instant product dispenser for decaf or hot chocolate powder
    • Programmable for up to 8 speciality coffee selections

Customised Workplace Coffee Machine Solutions

When it comes to equipping the workplace with a corporate coffee machine, there is no one size that fits all. We understand this and at PureBean, we offer a wide selection of small and large office coffee machines to suit all office sizes, from small start-up businesses to mid-size corporate offices and large multinational companies.

Whether you’re looking to buy a coffee machine or you want to explore your rental options, we will work with you to find a solution that’s perfect for your workplace.

Also, we suggest reading our blog post “Fully Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines” to make an informed decision on purchasing or renting the right coffee machine for your business.

Who We Are

PureBean is an Australian owned and operated company with satisfied customers across Australia. Since our launch in 2004, we have worked in partnership with our customers to ensure that they feel valued and supported.

How We Work
To Ensure Your

After determining your office size and coffee requirements, our team will set you up with an office espresso machine that is tailored for your workplace. We will also supply you with freshly roasted specialty coffee beans so everyone can enjoy a steady supply of delicious café-quality coffee at the touch of a button.

We take great pride in offering convenient, affordable, and personal services at every step.

Why Rent A Coffee Machine?

Coffee machine rental for your office can be the ideal solution in more ways than one. Not only is it a quick and convenient way to enjoy café qualify coffee but it can also be a smarter use of your resources.

There are several benefits when you rent a coffee machine for business instead of buying. Coffee machine rental for office requires a considerably smaller upfront cost freeing up cash flow for more productive purposes.

In addition to the lower investment, when you rent an espresso machine for business from PureBean, you don’t have to worry about replenishing coffee beans or maintaining your coffee machine. We take care of it all, freeing you up to focus on more important things.

If renting is not for your and you would rather own your own coffee machine, we also sell corporate coffee machines. And we offer after-sales service and maintenance agreements to support you into the future.

How To Choose An Espresso Coffee Machine For Your Business

Espresso machines vary widely in terms of quality, size, performance, and price to suit all types of businesses and budgets. When choosing an espresso machine for your business, some important factors to consider are:

  • Size of your business
  • Who will be using the machine
  • How many staff will be using the machine
  • How many coffees to be brewed daily using the machine
  • Your business budget

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, our experts at PureBean will come by your office to determine your needs and recommend the option to suit your needs.

Why Choose PureBean For Your Office Coffee Supplies?

PureBean is committed to supplying the highest quality coffee machines for rent or purchase, along with premium coffee beans and professional training and service. We have a range of coffee machines and freshly roasted coffee bean blends so you are guaranteed a cup of exceptional coffee every day.

As diehard lovers of real coffee, we know that it takes three basic requirements to create a great cup of coffee – a high-quality coffee machine, premium coffee beans, and reliable expert service. We supply all three without compromising on any one of the elements, so you’re guaranteed to get the best cup of coffee every single time.

Our Rental Contract Includes Service & Support

When you rent office coffee machines from PureBean, you also benefit from a service and coffee bean supply arrangement customized to your needs. We provide regular scheduled servicing and maintenance, scheduled delivery of all coffee supplies, on-call service for any issues that may arise outside of regular delivery times, repair or replacement of your machine if necessary, and regular cleaning supplies. There are no hidden costs – your monthly rental covers all of this for not extra charge!

We Supply A Variety Of Coffee Beans For Every Taste

PureBean’s select range of specialty, freshly roasted coffee bean blends are carefully designed to cater to everyone’s tastes. The flavour profile of the various blends is determined by the green beans used and roasting process and our beans are locally roasted to ensure consistently delicious tasting coffee. Our team will help you decide which blend or blends are right for you.

We also provide premium quality hot chocolate, chai, flavoured syrups, sugar and sweeteners and cups and lids.

We Also Provide Professional Training & Support

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians will show you how to operate your coffee machine to ensure you get a perfect cup of barista-quality coffee every time. Ongoing training and support is provided free of charge for rental customers.

Call us today and discover how easy it is to have barista-style, freshly brewed café quality coffee in the office.

We Are Committed To Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability Practices

Ethical sourcing is a topmost priority. Our coffee roaster supports the UN convention on Human Rights and is committed to transparency with our supply partners and operations.

All of the suppliers we partner with are just as committed to encouraging sustainability practices and minimizing the impact of their operations on the environment.

Office Coffee Machine FAQs

Yes, PureBean offers a wide range of automatic coffee machines and espresso machines for sale, in addition to rentals.

We have a wide offering of corporate coffee machines. These include; the WMF range including the WMF 1100s and WMF Espresso; the Dr Coffee ranging including the F11 Espresso, F3 Plus and the Mini Barista; Group Machines including ECM and Wega; and the Saeco and Necta coffee machine ranges.

Yes, PureBean offers free delivery on all orders. We also offer free regular scheduled servicing and maintenance of your office coffee machines when we deliver your coffee supplies.

No, there are hidden or extra costs when you rent or buy a coffee machine for business. Your rental includes all machine maintenance, repairs and cleaning products.


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