PureBean provides a range of coffee machines to rent or buy.
There are no hidden costs. Your monthly rental covers all servicing and maintenance.
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We believe that café quality coffee can be enjoyed in the convenience of the workplace. With a great cup of coffee comes so many benefits; boost of morale, increase in productivity and overall work satisfaction. Every employee deserves the chance to experience this whilst at work, and with a PureBean café quality cup of coffee, it can become a reality.

Our team will set you up with fantastic office coffee machines that really provide cafe-quality coffee and supply you with freshly roasted specialty coffee beans.

  • Mini Barista


    • Fully automatic touch screen operation
    • Single grinder with large 1.5 kg bean hopper
    • Large powder dispenser for automatic chocolate, chai or other drinks
    • Highly customisable touch screen with multiple cup sizes option
    • Integrated manual steam wand (can be disabled)
    • Integrated water tank or plumbed into mains water
    • Optional waste drain connection
    • 10 amp power only required
    • Automated and simple to follow cleaning cycles
    • Recommended for approximately 50 to 200 cups per day
  • WMF 1100S


    • Can handle up to 70 cups per hour
    • WMF Easy Milk system for auto-milk, or the steam wand for the office barista!
    • Powder dispenser for chocolate, chai or decaf
    • Water source options of Plumbed or Tanked
    • Steam Jet for cup warming
    • Hot water spout
    • Programmable for up to 12 speciality coffee selections
    • Small – Medium – Large for each button.
  • F11 Espresso


    • Fully automatic ‘bean to cup’ espresso machine
    • 7″ touch screen display
    • One touch operation for all drinks
    • Automatic fresh milk steamer
    • Programmable for up to 16 speciality coffee selections
    • Water tank or plumbed in options
  • WMF Espresso


    • 2 x milk foam preparation methods -fully-automatic or traditional
    • Brewing time monitoring & software assisted grind adjustment
    • A new level of control via Touch Display
    • Steam Jet for centralised pre-heating of cups
    • An air-cooled bean hopper per group head
    • Heatable cup storage with soft closure
    • Handmade. Automatically.
    • CoffeeConnect Software
  • F3 Plus


    • Fully automatic, large touch screen operation
    • Dual grinders and dual 1.2kg bean hoppers
    • Dual powder dispensers  for automatic chocolate, chai or other soluble drinks
    • Highly customisable touch screen with multiple cup sizes option
    • Pump driven milk system for superb milk control
    • Commercial rotary coffee water pump
    • Plumbed into mains water
    • Waste drain connection required
    • 15 amp power required
    • Automated and simple to follow cleaning cycles
    • Recommended for approximately 150 to 500 cups per day
  • WMF 1500S+


    • Fully automatic and customisable 10″ touch screen operation
    • Large machine for high volume environments
    • WMF CoffeeConnect is built in and allows you to monitor your 1500S+
    • Optional dual bean hoppers and grinders (Extra cost + Delivery lead time)
    • Automatic Hot Chocolate
    • Optional through the bench grounds disposal + Hopper extensions for high volume use
    • The 1500S+ is more environmentally friendly with reduced energy consumption, fewer chemicals and almost entirely recyclable. WMF is an ISO 14001 Certified brand.
    • Requires plumbing and drain + 15 amp power
    • HACCP compliant automated cleaning system
  • ECM Elektronika II Profi


    • Individually programmable dosing through control panel
    • Professional steam and hot water wands made from stainless steel
    • Quiet rotary pump
    • Automatic cleaning program through control panel
    • Low-noise performance through sound-insulated body
    • Switchable from water tank to a fixed water connection.
    • Big drip tray with much space – even for big cups
    • 2 Ergonomically angled ECM portafilters with weight-balanced shape.
    • Cup warmer
  • Cafe Group Machines

    We have a range of high quality and reliable semi-automatic group machines to suit your café, restaurant, sporting club or workplace where you would like to do it all yourself, available with 1, 2 or 3 group heads.

    Along with the group coffee machine, all of your needs are covered with our supply of automatic and manual grinders, knock tubes of various sizes and tampers.

    These machines and accessories are available for you to rent or purchase. Give us a call today so we can chat about what best suits your needs.

  • ECM Elektronika 2 Group


    • 2 Group Heads
    • Individually programmable dosing through control panel
    • Professional steam and hot water wands made from stainless steel
    • Quiet rotary pump
    • Automatic cleaning program through control panel
    • Low-noise performance through sound-insulated body
    • Water tank with reed contact for automatic shut-off in case of water shortage
    • Big drip tray with much space – even for big cups
    • Ergonomic chromed filter holder for perfectly weight-balanced handling
    • Cup warmer
  • WMF 5000S+


    • WMF Dynamic Milk allows hot and cold milk foam drinks – optional extra
    • WMF Coffee Connect for remote monitoring
    • LCD menu system that can be customised for self service, food service operations and is brandable.
    • Mains water supply and drain connection for high volume
    • Intelligent Dynamic Coffee Assist automatically adjusts for the perfect coffee
    • Dynamic Milk Assist continuously monitors the milk temperature and flow and can also reliably detect when the milk is empty
    • WMF Plug&Clean system is the only fully automated and HACCP certified milk cleaning system on the market. This a patented technology and exclusive to WMF
  • Saeco Royal Cappuccino


    • Twin Pumps
      Allows you to simultaneously steam milk while extracting coffee
    • Pre Ground Coffee Bypass
      Allows pre ground coffee to be used for decaf and flavoured coffees
    • Coffee Dosage Adjustment
      Gives you total control over your coffee’s taste
    • Hot Water Nozzle
      Dispensing Unit for 2 Cups
      The dispensing head can pour two cups at once
    • 2.4 Lt Water Container
      For longer periods between refills. No plumbing required.
    • Swivel Support
      Allows easy cleaning without lifting
    • Cup Warming Tray
      To keep cups warm
    • 15 Bar Pressure
      For perfect crema
    • Digital Display
      For ease of operation
  • Necta Koro Prime Espresso


    • Fully automatic ‘bean to cup’ espresso machine
    • One touch operation for all drinks
    • Makes approx 75 cups before requiring refill
    • Option of plumbed or tanked water supply
    • Instant product dispenser for decaf or hot chocolate powder
    • Programmable for up to 8 speciality coffee selections

Specialty coffee and quality commercial equipment for hire, rent or purchase

Benefit from the convenience of PureBean coffee solutions. Your staff, clients, family and friends will love it! Our coffee machine rental or coffee machine hire include reliable and friendly full service: including onsite servicing and free delivery of freshly roasted coffee beans.

We have a range of new automatic coffee machines on offer to suit all clients. Choose a great coffee machine today and always make a cup of exceptional coffee every day!

Types Of Coffee Machines

Similar to Nespresso coffee machines, this type will prepare your coffee with a press of a button.

What makes them better than capsule Nespresso machines is the ability to brew your own fresh ground beans rather than using a capsule, resulting in a much richer and intense coffee flavor.

Furthermore, these machines are fully automated with plenty of programmable options that give you control over the strength and volume of your shot. 

Some also have options for milk frothing, so you can enjoy your favorite cappuccino or latte.


  • Capacity: 
  • Speed:
  • Expertise level required: Beginner
  • Maintenance: Very little
  • Size:
  • Weight: 
  • Best brands:
  • Price Range:

Pros of automatic coffee machines

  • Almost like having an at-home barista
  • Comes with several programs that save your favorite coffee setting, so you can make different coffee styles with just a press of a button
  • Ability to brew your own fresh coffee beans
  • Consistent results

Cons of automatic coffee machines

  • Can be pretty expensive
  • Don’t give you full control over the brew like manual semi-auto coffee machines
  • Have a big benchtop footprint 
  • Quite heavy


  1. Should a coffee machine be turned off?

It really depends on the coffee machine model you have. 

For instance, some models require to be on forever and only to be turned off if you aren’t using them for a day or more while some are recommended to be turned off when not in use.

For this reason, you should check your model’s manual and do whatever it says for better results.

  1. Do automatic coffee machines come has built-in grinders?

Yes, most automatic espresso machines have adjustable grinders in addition to milk frothers within.

If you are an expert coffee enthusiast and need a coffee machine that will give you full control over your brew, then manual espresso machines are specially made for you.

Manual machines will let you experiment with your coffee. However, they do require a lot of knowledge and practice to master the grinding, dosing and, tamping techniques to make the perfect cup of coffee.


  • Capacity: 
  • Speed:
  • Expertise level required: Expert
  • Maintenance: 
  • Size:
  • Weight: 
  • Best brands:
  • Price Range:

Pros of manual coffee machines

  • The rich flavor of using fresh coffee beans
  • Full control over the brewing process to make the perfect cup of coffee for you
  • Manual coffee machines have a very classic, aesthetic look
  • It might take some time to master, but the satisfaction from mastering the art of coffee brewing is definitely worth it

Cons of manual coffee machines

  • It has a learning curve and requires a lot of practice before you get it right
  • Require accessories such as grinders, which is an added cost
  • You need to prepare the ground coffee before use
  • Ongoing maintenance


  1. How hard should you tamp espresso?

It’s recommended to apply 20-30 pounds of pressure. 

However, tamping is found to be overrated, as it’s not only hard on the wrist, but also can overextract the beans, resulting in a bitter brew.

  1. What are the 3 layers of a shot of espresso called?
  1. Heart: It’s the dark brown base
  2. Body: The middle layer
  3. Crema: The creamy, sweaty foam topper
  1. Why is my espresso so bitter?

This can be caused by a lot of reasons such as:

  1. The grind is too fine
  2. The Extraction or pour time is so long
  3. The beans are overextracted
  4. You overdosed the grinding basket
  1. What does a wet espresso puck mean?

This means that there is no enough beans in the puck, so the shot is exctracted too quickly.

Semi-automatic coffee machines combine the art of coffee brewing with ease of use. In other words, you will get the best of both worlds.

These machines take a lot of the guesswork out of the brewing by allowing you to focus your energy on choosing the perfect bean and grind, while the machine takes care of the rest.

With semi-automatic coffe machines, every brew results in a barista-like experiment.



  • Capacity: 
  • Speed:
  • Expertise level required: Intermediate
  • Maintenance: 
  • Size:
  • Weight: 
  • Best brands:
  • Price Range:

Pros of semi-automaticl coffee machines

  • Easier to use than manual espresso machines
  • Cheaper than automatic coffee machines
  • Ability to experiment with espresso extraction

Cons of semi-automatic coffee machines

  • Similar to manual coffe makers, semi-automatic has a learning and experimentation curve
  • Require ongoing maintenance


  1. Is semi-automatic coffee machine better than manual?

It really depends on what do you need your coffee machine to do.

In general, semi-automatic machines come with a lot of the fully automatic features, which is a great bonus, especially in the mornign when you need your coffee fix without the hassle of manual machines.

  1. Which is better semi automatic or fully automatic coffee machine?

There is no right answer to this question.

If you want more features and more control over your brew and you don’t want to deal with the manual machine mess, then semi automatic is the one for you.

However, if you need an easy to use machine that will provide you with a top notch coffee cup with a press of a button, then you should go with the fully automatic espresso maker.

  1. What does a semi automatic coffee machine do?

They allow you to grind your own ground beans, compress them, and extract the perfect coffee cup that has the perfect flavor depth and intensity for you.

1. Adjustable Grinders

If you are looking for an espresso machine with a built-in grinder, then we recommend you to opt for one with an adjustable grinder.

These grinders allow you to adjust the grind to suit the bean size, which reduces the amount of coffee waste and improves your coffee’s flavor intensity.

Also, among different types of grinders in the market, the conical burr grinders are absolutely the best. As they grind the coffee cylindrically, which gives you more control over the grinding process and the powder’s consistency.

2. Dual Boiler Coffee Machines

As their name suggests, these espresso machines are manufactured with 2 separate boilers for milk and coffee, which allows you to boil coffee and froth milk simultaneously.

They cost a little more and take up more room space than heat exchange boilers, but they are unquestionably worth it, especially if you often make lattes and cappuccinos.

3. Thermoblock Heating System (Thermocoil Coffee Machines)

Generally, there are 2 ways for a coffee machine to heat water:

The first one is by using a boiler, which simply heats the full water tank, offering consistent water temperature.

A thermoblock heating system, on the other hand, only heats the exact amount of water needed for your coffee.

For instance, if you are making a 2-ounce espresso cup, then the heating system will only heat 2 ounces of water, which doesn’t only save a lot of time, but also save electricity.

4. Milk Frothing System

  1. Manual Steam Wands

This frothing system uses the full machine’s pressure to foam the milk, giving you full control over the temperature and texture of your crema.

While manual wands can be pretty hard to use and need A LOT of practice, once you master the frothing art you will be able to create a coffee topping that will make your local barista proud.

Note: Some milk frothing wands come with a froth enhancer, which can make frothing much easier. However, these enhancers often produce large bubbles instead of a velvety foam, which isn’t suitable for making drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Therefore, it’s better to look for ones with removable enhancers, so you can still be able to create fine foam.

  1. Automatic Steam Wands

This one is very similar to the manual wand, the only difference is that they don’t give you the same amount of control as manual wands.

Instead, the automatic wand foams the milk till it reaches the texture and temperature, which are previously determined by the machine settings.

Think of automatic wands as a bicycle with training wheels. They give you some control and prevent you from ruining your crema at the same time.

  1. Automatic Milk Systems (Foaming Systems)

If you don’t want to play around with a milk wand, then coffee machines with foaming systems are the way to go.

IN these machines, steam is used to stretch the milk, then the milk is transferred from the carriage to the foaming system.

Finally, the frothing system will combine the stretched milk with air and dispense your favorite creme into your cup.

What is great about these automatic systems is that most of them have various dispensing settings that can dispense everything from flat to foam milk hassle-free.

5. Carafe Type

A coffee machine with an insulated mug or a thermal carafe can be very beneficial, especially if you tend to space your espresso drinking up throughout the day and want something to stop the coffee from cooling down too quickly and keeping it fresh for a few hours.

Generally, coffee machines with thermal carafes are pricier than their glass pot alternatives> However, it’s certainly a feature worth having.

6. Benchtop Footprint

Espresso coffee machines can take A LOT of your kitchen’s space, so this is something you definitely need to keep in mind before buying a coffee machine.

7. Digital Display

Digital displays are generally easier to understand than analog indicator lights.

This could be something worth looking into, especially if this is your first espresso machine and want more clear and simple controls.

8. Pre brew Feature

Some coffee machines are manufactured with perfusion pumps, which slowly saturate the coffee powder.

As a result, the flavor will develop before extracting the coffee, so you can sip your espresso right away. 

9. Automatic Morning Brewing

If you can’t see straight in the morning, then a coffee machine with an automatic brewing mode is specially made for you.

These machines have programmable clocks that can automatically brew your favorite coffee cup each morning, so you can get your morning coffee fix without lifting a finger.

Most of these machines also have an automatic shutoff feature, which can be very handy if you always leave in a hurry and tend to forget to switch off your machine.

10. Double Shot

This feature allows you to make two espressos at once, so if you often find yourself making two cups of coffee, then this feature is worth having.

It’s important to mention that most models will only grind one dose of beans for the 2 cups, resulting in a weaker coffee.

So make sure to opt for the models that can make 2 espressos at a quick succession rather than at the same time, as these models will grind a fresh dose of coffee for each cup and won’t take much longer to prepare the second one. 


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