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January 31, 2019

The Different Ways You Can Enjoy Your Coffee This Winter

With temperatures dipping and the days getting rainier and windier, it’s time to grab a blanket, your cosiest jumper and a nice hot drink and bundle up. Winter
is here to stay for a while, so that’s why it’s a good idea to have a variety
of coffee ideas to last you through the next few months. Read on for a few
coffee winter warmer ideas so that you’re well equipped to beat the cold. You
can find a lot of these at some cafés, but you can also make these yourself at
home or at the office to spice up your usual drink.


A long black is an obvious choice for the winter, and is great for strong coffee lovers. It’s
simple to make – just pour an espresso or ristretto over hot water. A long
black is a good way to enjoy a lighter specialty roast because the water allows
the flavours to open up a bit.  


This drink is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Vienna coffee is made up of espresso and
whipped cream mixed together. This combination is enough to make a deliciously
sweet, creamy beverage, so no extra milk or sugar is needed. If you want, you
can even top off your drink with a sprinkling of chocolate. It’s a great
caffeinated alternative to a hot chocolate, and is sure to satisfy your sugar
cravings at the same time.


If you’re a sucker for both coffee and chocolate, a mocha is probably what you’ll be making
all winter long. Use some fresh coffee to make an espresso, then add chocolate
into some milk and slowly heat it up. Add the warm chocolate and milk mixture
into your coffee and enjoy! Ensure you use real chocolate, and save the cheap
chocolate syrup for your ice cream. Mochas are also great because they’re easy
to experiment with. Do you fancy a salted mocha? Opt for a salted chocolate.
Are you a peanut butter lover? Get a nutty chocolate. The world is your oyster,
so get mixing!


Galao is a hot drink made of espresso and foamed milk, and its origins can be traced back to Portugal. Consisting of one quarter coffee and three quarters foamed milk, a galao is similar to a latté. If you want to keep it traditional, serve it in a tall glass. When the espresso to milk ratio is 1:1 it’s called meia de leite, or half of milk in Portugese.


This one’s definitely better suited to the home rather than the office, and make sure you
don’t have to drive afterwards! The recipe for Irish coffee varies, but most
often it includes black coffee, Irish whisky, brown sugar and whipped cream. We
recommend filling a warmed mug ¾ full with black coffee and then adding one
tablespoon of brown sugar and stirring until its completely dissolved. Stir in 3-4
tablespoons of the whisky of your choice (or more if that’s what you want!).
Top your drink with some whipped cream and it’s ready to enjoy!


If you like your coffee creamy, this one is sure to be right up your alley.  You can make a vanilla café au lait (which just means coffee with milk in French) with just a few ingredients. First you should brew a strong cup of coffee. Then you should get some milk, add some vanilla bean to it and warm it up, but make sure you don’t heat it to the point that it foams. After your milk is heated, remove the vanilla bean from the milk and whisk the milk for one minute. Pour the hot milk and coffee into your cup at the same time – you’re aiming for equal parts of each.


If you love spices but don’t want to resort to a pumpkin spice latté at Starbucks, try making your coffee like Pakistanis, who often make their coffee in large pots as a social drink. Crack a few cardamom pods into a pot with coffee, a cinnamon stick, milk and some water, and let simmer for ten minutes. Ladle the liquid as it bubbles around twenty times as this helps aerate the mixture. You can then strain this mixture directly into a coffee pot and share it with your friends and family!

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