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Have you tried ‘green coffee’? Why the funny coloured drink is the next big trend in coffee

When it comes to coffee, everyone is looking for a new way to experiment and one new trend that has taken hold is green coffee.

Simply put, it uses beans that haven’t been through the roasting process, which gives a completely different flavour and texture to your drink. It’s been popular for many years as an aid for weight loss, but it’s so much more than that.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What is it?

Green coffee is simply coffee using beans that aren’t roasted, meaning the drink they produce is a translucent, green colour. The flavour is different too and it’s more of a mix between herbal tea and traditional coffee.  

How is it different to normal coffee?

The major difference between green and normal coffee is that the beans aren’t roasted. This can mean the drink not only looks different – with its green tinge – but it affects the taste too as most of the taste of your beans are brought out during the roasting process.

It’s believed to be higher in caffeine, as it loses none in the roasting process so could be perfect for anyone looking for an extra boost from their beverage.

What does it taste like?

Green coffee isn’t as rich or strong in flavour and can be a mild and refreshing alternative. Its consistency is closer to herbal tea and it can sometimes taste like a mixture between the two.

Can it really help you lose weight?

Green Coffee contains more chlorogenic acid than normal coffee, lost during the roasting process.  Chlorogenic acid has been linked to weight loss and for that reason green coffee has been taken as a supplement to help people drop a few pounds.

The antioxidant is believed to not only affect the way your body processes your blood sugar, but also raises your resting metabolic rate which means you burn fat faster.

How to prepare green coffee beans

There are two options when it comes to preparing the green beans. Firstly, the beans can be ground into a powder then added to hot water. Leave the mixture for 10minutes before straining it with a fine sieve.

If you want to use whole green coffee beans, you first have to soak the beans overnight before boiling the mixture. After one boil, continue to simmer for around 15 minutes, giving it a few stirs. It has to be cooled completely before sieving the mixture.

At this point your coffee will be ready to mix with other drinks combinations or just had alone. A teaspoon of honey can give the drink a sweet edge or let the mixture cool and add it to lemonade or fruit drink.


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