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Office Coffee Machine
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Want great coffee in your workplace?

Then look no further…

The friendly team at PureBean will set you up with fabulous office coffee machines that really do make cafe quality coffee and supply you with freshly roasted premium coffee beans.

Enjoy the taste and convenience. Your staff and clients will love it!

  • Coffee machine rental with full service included
  • Friendly and reliable onsite servicing
  • Free delivery of freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Competitive pricing
  • Automatic coffee machines to suit all businesses
  • Serviced by our fully trained expert technicians
  • We service Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast, Adelaide, & Perth.
  • Cafe quality coffee at your fingertips.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction.

PureBean provides a range of coffee machines to rent or buy to suit all workplaces from just a few staff to thousands, so we can offer you the right answer to your coffee needs. We have been servicing businesses since 2004 so we know how to meet your needs in the most effective way. No more instant coffee, no more queuing for your morning cappuccino, just great coffee at the press of a button and for the fraction of the cost of a take away.

There are no hidden costs. Your monthly rental covers all servicing, maintenance, descales and cleaning products. When you rent a coffee machine from PureBean, you no longer have the hassle of a coffee machine breaking down or not working well. We make sure it is always producing a great coffee and if there are any problems we can’t fix, we will swap the machine out – all at no extra cost.

So for a cost effective, quality solution to your coffee needs, call us today on 1300 131 142. We guarantee your satisfaction

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