WMF 5000S+



  • WMF Dynamic Milk allows hot and cold milk foam drinks – optional extra
  • WMF Coffee Connect for remote monitoring
  • LCD menu system that can be customised for self service, food service operations and is brandable.
  • Mains water supply and drain connection for high volume
  • Intelligent Dynamic Coffee Assist automatically adjusts for the perfect coffee
  • Dynamic Milk Assist continuously monitors the milk temperature and flow and can also reliably detect when the milk is empty
  • WMF Plug&Clean system is the only fully automated and HACCP certified milk cleaning system on the market. This a patented technology and exclusive to WMF

BLEND Description :

Roast Level


Introducing the WMF 5000S+, the high performance coffee machine for those who want to provide superior moments of indulgence even at high output rates. Reliable, easy to operate and self cleaning functions, the WMF 5000S+ is designed to meet all of your needs.


Dimensions (width x height x depth) 32.5cm x 71.6cm x 59cm
weight: Approx. 37kg
Capacity of the Bean Hopper: 1100g
Capacity of Chocolate/Topping Hopper: 2000g
Capacity of Spent Grounds Bin: cakes
Power Supply: 230V


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