Medium to Large Offices

WMF 1200S



  • Makes approx 50 cups before requiring refill
  • Dual spout for making 2 coffees at the same time
  • Powder dispenser for chocolate, chai or decaf
  • Water source options of Plumbed or Tanked
  • Heated cup storage
  • Hot water spout
  • Programmable for up to 12 speciality coffee selections

Description :

WMF 1200S


The WMF 1200s coffee machine makes making great coffee in the office easy – press one button and the WMF 1200s coffee machine will do the rest for you. The all-in-one dual spout allows for two speciality coffees to be made at the same time.

Perfect for around 100 coffees a day, the stylish WMF1200s is compact yet powerful, using the WMF’s professional boiler and “Easy Milk” system technology to ensure a beautiful coffee every time.

The WMF range also includes the smaller WMF800 and WMF1000 coffee machines.


Dimensions (width x height x depth) 32.4cm x 68.2cm x 55.4cm
weight: 33kg
Capacity of the Bean Hopper: 500g
Capacity of Water Tank: 5 Litres (or can be plumbed to water mains)
Capacity of Spent Grounds Bin: cakes
Power Supply: 230V


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