Saeco Phedra Evo



  • All possible recipes from combination of coffee, powdered or fresh milk, chocolate and instant coffee
  • Coffee, powdered or fresh milk, chocolate, tea
  • 1 coffee beans canister
  • 2-3 instant canisters
  • Separate hot water
  • Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore
  • Possibility to use fresh milk
  • 8 direct selections
  • Up to 2 preselections
  • Water supply or internal tank or independent tank

BLEND Description :

Roast Level


Saeco Phedra Evo is a versatile and functional semi-automatic tabletop vending coffee machine, ideal for all the places with an average flow of visitors. thanks to its minimal footprint and simple installation. Phedra Evo is characterised by its ability to supply a fairly wide range of beverages in a small space. Its size is comparable to that of a home espresso machine, so the Phedra Evo can be placed anywhere, on a table or on its own, coordinated cabinet. The new design solutions were developed to facilitate its use and to be able to choose among 7 types of beverages, besides hot water for tea or herbal teas. Phedra Evo, great for those who want to experience a relaxing break, anywhere. A perfect alchemy, coffee brewed with Phedra Evo is always an authentic pleasure.


Dimensions (width x height x depth) 39.3cm x 69.5cm x 50.8cm
Weight: 36.5kg
Capacity of the Bean Hoppers 1kg
Capacity of Water Tank 3.4l
Capacity of Spent Ground Bin 50
Power Supply: 220-240 V


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