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April 11, 2017

What’s new for coffee in 2017? The trends coffee lovers won’t want to miss

It’s another exciting year for coffee and 2017 is shaping up to be all about experimentation.

Gone are the days of your ‘usual’ coffee choice as innovation creates a more exciting and diverse menu. But what exactly will the next few months hold?

Here’s our predictions of what you’ll be sipping on this year:


Summer might be over, but cold beverages are hotter than ever and this year it’s all about the Cold Brew.

Cold Brew is fast replacing Iced Coffee as the standard cold coffee drink, but what’s the difference? Unlike iced coffee, cold brew is never heated up and is created by soaking medium-to-coarse ground coffee in room temperature water for at least 12 hours. It uses time, rather than heat, to extract the coffee’s flavour, giving a sweeter, less bitter, flavour.

Less acidic than a usual coffee, Cold Brew is sweet enough to be drunk without any extra additives and is ideal to be mixed in with other cocktails and beverages – the possibilities are endless.


Having coffee on tap is fast becoming a standard of any respectable barista and thanks to the popularity of cold brew and nitro coffee – nitrogen infused coffee – and this year its popularity is only set to grow.

Cue the creation of some incredible concoctions, with coffee added to soft drinks, mixed into cocktails and a host of other inventive beverages.


You know those days when it’s hard to tell if you need a coffee or a wine? Then we have good news.

Thanks to a new collaboration between the wine and coffee world the coolest way to get your caffeine buzz is wine infused coffee.

How do they do it? The coffee beans are soaked in the wine to absorb the flavours before being dried and roasted.

When ready the beans can be used in everything from an espresso to a latte or iced coffee.

Don’t expect to get drunk off the beans though, it’s more flavour appreciation than intoxicating.


As coffee culture grows so does knowledge about the industry. Drinkers are more aware now of where their beverage is coming from and the ethical impact their choice has on the world. With global warming affecting coffee growers, there’s an increasing trend for companies and business to buy green and have approved sources for their products, from beans to milk.


One of the biggest trends of 2017 taking coffee – and Instagram – by storm is the Espresso tonic.

Simply adding a shot of espresso coffee to tonic water creates a refreshing beverage, which without the extra milk, is healthier too.

The phenomenon started in Brazil, has quickly spread across the world and has seen coffee lovers put their own twist on the trend by adding orange peel, a sprig of rosemary or black cherries.


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