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August 28, 2017

Don’t throw away your used coffee! Delicious ideas that turn your leftovers into a taste explosion

Nothing beats the unique, diverse and intense taste of coffee, so why just drink it?

A great way to get your coffee fix and used up your leftover coffee grounds is by adding it into your cooking, you might be surprised just how dynamic and versatile an ingredient coffee can be.

Not sure what to do with your used coffee grounds? Here’s eight ways you can add a kick to your kitchen.


It might seem like an unusual union, but coffee flavoured bread is becoming increasingly popular. The depth and intensity of the coffee gives the bread a bold and hearty flavour that is hard to replicate with any other ingredient. Perfect for winter days, it can be used along with fruits, nuts and anything else to create a mouthwatering loaf. It’s easy to try as well, simply replace other liquids in your recipe with coffee and enjoy the delicious results.


If you want your morning caffeine kick in food form then coffee granola could be for you. Combining two breakfast staples, it gives you the nourishment and kick you need to get the day off to a great start. To do this add 1/4 cup of coarsely ground coffee beans to your usual granola mix and prepare as normal.


You haven’t tried bacon until you’ve had it with a coffee glaze. Combining two breakfast classics and is a great twist on the traditional eggs and bacon. To prepare mix ground coffee with maple syrup and pepper in a saucepan over a medium heat and cook until the coffee dissolves. Remove from the heat and coat the bacon with the mixture before baking for around 20 minutes.


Put your skepticism about uniting fish and coffee aside for a moment and just try coffee cured fish, because you won’t be disappointed. Marinate the fish – tuna steak is a great one to start with – in coffee, brown sugar and salt before serving the way you like.


Add some coffee to your usual spice rub to add and you won’t be disappointed. The rich and aromatic flavours are a perfect accompaniment to the succulent taste of the meat and are strong enough to work alongside it without being overpowering. If you like it with beef steak, why not try with chicken or pork?


Burgers have been going through a food revolution of late and one twist on the traditional offering, is by using coffee as a burger rub. The strong, earthy flavours are a great at way to bring out the sweetness of the tomato, onion and lettuce and is a great partner for the tantalising burger. If beef isn’t your first choice, it works just as well on chicken, turkey and vegetarian alternatives.


Everyone loves a slice of chocolate cake, but if you want a richer and bolder tang then coffee could be your secret weapon. Add a cup of freshly brewed coffee to your mixture to bring out the taste of the cocoa and give it a real kick. This trick can be used in most baked recipes that include chocolate, why not experiment with cookies, brownies and other sweet treats.


Coffee flavoured desserts have been a favourite for years, but what about coffee gelée? The intensity of the dessert won’t be too everyone’s taste, but if you like strong, bittersweet coffee you will love this. To prepare mix hot coffee with sugar syrup, vanilla and gelatin mix in a bowl. Stir until it’s dissolved, chill and leave to set for eight hours. Serve with cream on top and a biscuit to give it a sweet edge.

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