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September 3, 2018

The Cool Trick to Never Miss Your Morning Coffee Again

Even if the first coffee of the day is heavenly you still have to deal with living and working on Earth.

Modern life is very busy, and the mornings really show this. Whether you are setting off for work, for uni classes – or to get your kids to class! – often those treasured rituals that make the morning special can be missed out on altogether.

It’s sad but true. Even keen coffee lovers sometimes may find they are so short on time that they miss out on a coffee right after waking up. Every coffee fan can agree that is surely tragic.

While sometimes emergencies may make this totally unavoidable, most of the time its just the little things that come up suddenly that see you lose time.

The phone rings unexpectedly, someone knocks at the door – or maybe if you’re really unlucky – someone has left the milk out overnight and spoiled any chance you can enjoy a latte or cappuccino.

Sure anticipating every problem is not always easy, but it is possible to deal with the major one.


By making your coffee the night before you can be sure you won’t miss out on it in the morning.

The terrific thing about doing so is you don’t need to do anything special when making your coffee. Just prepare it as usual, then set it aside somewhere suitable.

Some people like to put their coffee  into the fridge, others like to put it right by this bed so it’s ready for when they wake up. Ultimately, whatever works best for you should be fine. Just be sure you place it somewhere it won’t get poured out overnight by anyone else you live with!


The elephant in the room here of course can’t go overlooked. Yes, in the morning your coffee will be cold. For those who love nothing more than a really hot cup, this make take a bit of adjustment.

But when you think about it, it’s actually not that big of a change when compared to other breakfast staples. Alongside juices and smoothies there’s of course iced coffee! So every coffee fan is sure to find something familiar –  and fantastic! – about the taste.

Speaking of taste, the great thing about making a cup the night before is it gives the flavours time to permeate throughout the cup.  This means you’ll find your morning cup is full and rich in body.


Undoubtedly the very best thing about keeping your coffee cool in the morning is the energy kick.

Sure, sipping a hot coffee over half an hour will deliver you a caffeine kick over time.

But taking your coffee quick and cold will give you an energy surge that can really kick start your morning and boost your productivity.

Not only does incorporating this trick into your routine ensure you’ll never miss your coffee again, but it’ll also help you to win more time and turbocharge your morning!


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