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February 5, 2017

How a Pure Bean machine can save you time and money

If you’ve ever owned a traditional coffee machine, you’ll know that you can spend a lot of time on maintenance and cleaning – not only of the machine itself but also all the accessories like the grinder, waste basket and group head.

Many of these accessories aren’t dishwasher friendly, so it’s frustrating to spend more time washing up than enjoying your hot drink.

Another downside is that it takes a long time to learn how to make a coffee that suits your taste. Perfecting the type of bean, grind, tamp pressure and extraction time can be a complicated and time-consuming exercise. After many bitter and burnt coffee-making experiments, you might eventually create something that resembles a great tasting coffee. But what if there were an easier way? There is!

At PureBean, we recognise that making a great tasting coffee is not a simple or accessible skill. Even the most qualified baristas struggle to make consistent coffees on machines at home. If you want to save time and enjoy the convenience of a quick, high-quality coffee-making experience in your office, we recommend one of our bean-to-cup machines.

A bean-to-cup machine is a fully automatic and stress-free way to make a fantastic tasting coffee. The real genius is that it grinds the coffee beans on-demand, right before pouring the coffee. This ensures that your drink is made using the freshest coffee possible. The machines can make all varieties of drinks, from chai’s to lattes to long blacks – it’s all available to you at the press of a button.

The machines are very flexible too and can be used almost anywhere. We offer short term rentals so even if you don’t need it on a permanent basis, you can still enjoy great coffee. If you’re holding a market stall or a promotional event, a bean-to-cup machine can be dropped off and picked up to suit your needs. We’ll also supply beans, hot chocolate, chai, paper cups, lids, suger and stirrers.

So if you want an easy to use coffee machine that still produces fantastic tasting coffee, speak to us today about the PureBean solution. It’ll save you money, time and still make your employees or customers happy!

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