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October 4, 2018

How to Have a Late Day Coffee and a Good Night’s Sleep

Coffee is magnificent. We know it, and love it. We drink it each day and every day. This is fantastic, but it’s no secret at some times of the day – most often beyond late afternoon and early evening – coffee can create a particular challenge. It can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep.

Many coffee lovers who really want a cup of java post-5pm often just accept this is part of the deal. But even so, it can feel a bit frustrating if you’re still turning you head on the pillow near midnight. But rather than there being any need to cut out your cup of coffee late in the day, it is possible to still have a cup at anytime you wish, and get a good night’s sleep. Let’s look at how.


Coffee is a stimulant, and anytime it is consumed it will give the body an energy kick. Alcohol is the opposite. As a sedative, it will help the body feel more relaxed.

That’s why if someone who is a moderate drinker and occasionally has a cup of coffee late in the day, a glass of wine or other light amount of alcohol in the evening can help your body wind down.


For someone who isn’t already a moderate drinker now, there’s no need to grab a glass or wine or bottle of beer if you don’t wish to. The same applies to anyone who is does drink occasionally but perhaps only drinks on weekends, and only has that extra cup of coffee during a working day!

In that case, a big warm glass of milk can also help you to wind down, and offset the energy kick coffee gives. This may sound odd at first to any latte or cappuccino drinkers given the milk contained in their coffee, but it’s ultimately the coffee itself that stimulates and makes you feel bright eyed and awake!

As milk has the sleep promoting amino acid tryptophan, a tall warm glass will help you sleep.


When it comes to food associated with drinking coffee it’s true potatoes aren’t at the top of the list. Chocolate, biscuits, and other baked goods are sure to be more commonly seen on a plate next to a cup of coffee. But potatoes are actually a fantastic food to make you feel sleepy, and a great go-to if you find that last cup of coffee still has you feeling a bit jumpy.

Because of the higher glycemic index within them, eating potatoes delivers a dose of tryptophan to the brain, and encourages the body to sleep. So, if you are keen on that final cup of coffee but also need to be up early? Have some potatoes for dinner and you’ll be sure to sleep well.


It’s true it can be hard even for the most enthusiastic coffee lover to get a good night’s sleep if they have finished dinner with 3 double espressos. So if you find you struggle to get a good night’s sleep and feel a coffee post-5pm is the reason why, having an extra one early in the day can ensure you still enjoy all that coffee goodness but won’t worry about having good shut eye.

But if you feel you and a coffee are simple inseparable later in the day? Then by having one and using one of the methods above, you should find you’re able to enjoy that java while also being all for set for a great night’s sleep!


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