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Cupping, Why Coffee lovers can’t get enough

Cupping is the hottest new pastime for coffee lovers, but what exactly does it entail?

Coffee Cupping the lowdown

Like wine tasting, coffee cupping is observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. While it has been an essential part of the process in the industry since the 19th century, over the last few years it’s become more of a social activity, where coffee lovers gather to discuss and try new beans and blends.

How do you do it?

Once the coffees are prepared, they are usually laid out on a table for ‘tasters’ to smell before taking a sip, with a spoon. Tasters will then write down their verdict as they go before discussing with the group.

Why you should try it

If you love coffee and want to develop your palette with other likeminded people then cupping could be the answer.

Aside from training your palette to identify flavours and aromas in the coffee, most groups are run by baristas or coffee experts, who can give you advice on how to perfect your tasting.

Gathering together coffee lovers where they can swap opinions and recommendations is no bad thing either and you might even come away with a new favourite.

While there are some who believe coffee cupping is an exact science, that doesn’t mean that any normal coffee drinker can’t enjoy themselves too.

What should you be looking for?

‘Tasters’, as they’re called, are usually looking to measure the body or texture of the coffee, it’s sweetness, the flavour and in most cases aftertaste.

These categories are broken down into subgroups with ‘flavour wheels’ identifying the huge range of tastes that could be tantalising your taste buds.

You may also be able to try and identify the origin of the bean.

Getting started

While it’s not the same as booking into a yoga class just yet, coffee cupping is growing in popularity. To find a local group check in with a few local coffee shops to see if they know or any being put on, or check social media in your area for any advertised groups.


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