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May 26, 2017

The Coolest Iced Coffees On The Menu

It seems everything hot in coffee right now is a cool version of the beverage.

Over the last few years the popularity of iced coffees has soared, as not only are they the perfect way for coffee lovers to cool down on a hot day, they’re pretty delicious on any occasion too.

Over the last few years Baristas have been whipping up sumptuous and innovative new chilled coffees to get your taste buds tingling and there’s way more on the menu than just the simple cold brew.

Here’s some of the most delicious cold coffees, you won’t want to miss out on.


This sweet treat is so good, you will be annoyed you haven’t discovered it sooner. The coffee is brewed doubly strong, and mixed with half-and-half cream, cardamon, which gives the coffee a warm-spice flavour and sugar. Poured over ice it’s a perfect fix to get your day off to a great start.


Just like the city it’s named after, New Orleans Iced Coffee is creamy and bursting with flavour.

Brewed with chicory, giving the coffee a deeper, less bitter flavour, it is then mixed with ice, milk and syrup, creating a rich and refreshing drink.


Also known as an Iced Dirty Chai, the Chai Bomb is great for when you are craving that coffee taste, but want to hold off on the caffeine.

Simple to make, it consists of a regular Chai Latte, with a shot of espresso, served over ice, creating a sweet, spicy and delicious beverage you will want again and again.


Iced Coffee Sodas are both delicious and simple to make, so whipping one up shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

All you need is a fresh batch of cold brew, a bottle of sparkling water and ice. Add the cold brew to your iced-glass first, about half-full and then top up with the sparkling water on top and you’ve got yourself a coffee soda.

The great thing with this drink is that you can experiment with the recipe yourself. Why not try, coke or lemonade instead or add some spices or fruit to give it some extra flavour.

Orange peel is particularly good in coffee sodas.


Fast replacing tonic’s usual partner in crime gin, espresso is a refreshing drink with a great caffeine kick.

Simply pour your shot of espresso over ice and add in as much tonic as you desire. Like the coffee soda, you can experiment with different flavours, though it’s just as delicious when kept simple.


Coffee is finding its way into many cocktails and while there’s a whole host to choose from, you can’t beat the classic Old Fashioned.

The rich and deep flavours of the espresso, blend brilliantly with the bitterness of the lemon and sharp bourbon, to make a refreshing and intense drink.

Simply add your espresso shot, bourbon, lemon peel and your bitters in a cocktail shaker and serve over ice.


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