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May 26, 2017

How coffee can be the key to unlocking creativity

While you enjoy your next cup of coffee, you might like to know you could also be unleashing your innovative side.

Caffeine is known as the go to drink when you want an energy boost, but it also invigorates the mind, kick-starting the creative process and getting the ideas flowing.

We might dress up our coffee in many disguises, like glorious cold drip, a creamy cappuccino or sharp espresso, but caffeine is known to have a chemical affect on our brains and if you’re having trouble focusing or getting your ideas down on paper then a good cup of coffee could by the answer.

It’s no surprise that creative types, like writers, are drawn to coffee houses. Aside from the ambient sound, which is known to enhance concentration, a good cup of coffee will help them focus on their writing and stop their minds wandering.

But, how does it work?

In a way coffee turns the brakes off your mind and lets it steam ahead, without the fear of you getting tired.

It helps fire the brain up and shoot neurons, a byproduct of which, is adenosine.

This is the chemical that makes us feel sleepy, so when there’s high levels it makes us drowsy and tired. Caffeine block the adenosine receptors, which is why when you have had a coffee you stay feeling alert even when your brain should be slowing down.

With the receptors blocked, the brain’s natural stimulating neurotransmitters can work with more power and less limitations, helping you feel alert, with more energy and vigour.

Most of us feel more positive and creative with a little energy boost, but that’s not the only way a coffee helps generate more ideas.

It also helps focus our attention, enhances the cognitive function, as well as our ability to make decisions and solve problems.

If you’re having a creative block or feeling unable to concentrate, coffee will help get things going again, why not grab a cup of your favourite caffeine treat?

Not only will it give you a break and chance to refresh, you might actually improve your performance.

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