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6 Tips for making the perfect cup of coffee at home

It’s never been easier to make Barista-standard coffee at home and with a few handy tips you can easily re-create your favourite drinks, without paying the hefty price of your local coffee shop.

Here’s a few pro tips for those wanting to up their coffee skills.

It starts with good coffee beans

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, good coffee starts with good beans. This might mean shopping around, but it’s worth taking some time to research the best coffee roasters in your area, to find your perfect bean.

Invest in a set of scales

Most of us are guilty of spooning out our coffee rather than using an exact quantity without realising the huge mistake we’re making. Just like any recipe, measurements can make or break a cup of coffee and so purchasing a set of scales is a necessity. You’re going to need to know how much coffee you need to make that perfect cup.

Use filtered water

It’s not just quality coffee beans you will be needing – the water you use in your cup is just as important too. Filtered water is best, so it’s worth investing in a filter jug and keeping it in the fridge to use when you need it. It should be heated to around 91C and 96 C (195°F and 250°F) when preparing your drink.

Keep your tools clean

Making coffee is messy business, so whether you have invested in a machine or are happy with your cafetière, keeping your tools in tip-top condition is essential.

If you don’t clean after every use residue oil from the beans will hang around and could affect your next brew.

Treat your beans with care

If you’ve invested in good quality beans, the last thing you want to do is ruin them by neglecting to take care of them. Open coffee should be stored in a ceramic or glass canister that shields it from sunlight and will help protect its freshness.

Most baristas would agree that the fridge is not the best place for your beans, with the cool temperatures drying out the essential oils that give the beans their flavours and freshness. Freezing coffee is also not advised as the beans are prone to absorbing moisture that will affect its flavour, so it’s best to avoid doing this.

Steam your milk

If you’re a Cappuccino, Flat White or Latte lover then consider investing in an electric frother, to get that lovely, foamy milk at home.

Even without any equipment there is a trick to get your milk frothier. Pour the usual amount you use into a jar, it should be no more than half way so there’s room for the foam, then shake until frothy.

When it comes to adding the milk take a tip from the baristas and pour it into the centre of the cup in a swirling motion. The technique doesn’t just create that nice “leaf” effect, it also keeps the milk in the centre to create the perfect coffee mix.


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