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6 Luxury Items Every Coffee Lover Needs

The holidays will soon be here and for anyone wondering what to get the coffee lover in their life, then look no further. Whether you’re shopping for someone else or looking to treat yourself, these must have items are essential items for anyone’s kitchen.

You’ll soon be wondering how you lived without them.


Coffee Joulies – cool your coffee down to the perfect temperature

There’s nothing worse than discarding a perfectly good cup of coffee because you’ve accidentally let it go cold, but with coffee joulies that could soon be the thing of the past. These small, stainless-steel capsules insulate your coffee cup to keep it at a drinkable temperature for a longer, meaning you won’t have to waste a drop.


A French press travel mug

If you’re a French Press coffee fan, but struggle to find time in the morning to make brew a pot, then a travel press mug could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Most of us will brew a French Press coffee pot, then transfer it to a travel mug, but this simply combines those two stages. You simply add your coffee, hot water and press when you are ready. Easy!


A handheld espresso maker

It’s 2017 and the days of settling for sub-standard coffee are well and truly over thanks to handheld espresso makers. These compact miracle workers are often human powered, meaning you don’t need a power source to run and are small enough to easily carry around, meaning you can have a quality cup of coffee practically anywhere.


A professional coffee grinder

 Ground beans only last for around one or two weeks before going stale, so for optimum freshness grind yours at home rather than buying from a shop. This way you’re always guaranteed the freshest cup!


A gooseneck kettle

When it comes to kettles, tea and coffee drinkers do not mix. Any connoisseur will tell you that the spout of a conventional kettle is too short for to have control over how much water you’re pouring, which can mean the difference between a watery mess and a sumptuous cup of coffee. When adding hot water, a gooseneck kettle allows precision pouring and, depending on the angle, allows you to place your water exactly where you want it in relation to your coffee bed. This helps produces an even extraction, giving you a more flavorful cup.


A cold brew coffee maker

Yes, cold brew isn’t just for fancy, hipster coffee shops you can now create it at home too. There are several simple cold brew coffee machines on the market and while they might seem complicated, they’re actually fairly easy to use. It’s worth remembering that cold brew can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 14 days, giving you plenty of time to whip up your own cold brew creations.


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