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October 4, 2018

5 Uses for Coffee That Are Often Overlooked

Coffee is not only tasty but has a whole ton of uses beyond being our favourite drink of choice.
From curing pain to helping you work out, and more, coffee is simply fantastic. Many uses of coffee are unknown however.  So, let’s look now at 5 fantastic ways you can use coffee beyond making a brilliant latte or espresso.


For many people who have some form of stomach pain, they know coffee is tremendous. For those who regularly encounter pains in their tummy but don’t yet know about coffee’s effects? This is the perfect time for a cup of java! Coffee can help aid digestion and reduce stomach pain.

It is true if you have a high level of stomach pain already – such as excess acid – drinking too much coffee can actually make the problem worse. So it is important to start out slow if you are looking to use coffee for the first time as a way to treat your stomach pain.

Most of the time though, a cup of coffee can be really terrific if you feel some cramps or pain.

So brew a cup and enjoy if you have a mystery ache developing.


As well as being a great relief of stomach pain, coffee is also a fantastic snack on the go.

Roasted beans can be really tasty treats, whether you are snacking while studying, at the office, or even while working out. That’s right!

Coffee beans can actually be a really fantastic snack to have while running or at the gym. All you need is a small handful, and you can either consume them as you go along, or all in one go when you are halfway through your workout. It is sure to give a quick and simple energy kick.


Everyone knows coffee beans are the foundation of a coffee cake or tasty iced coffee milkshake. But you can also add coffee beans into a variety of ice creams, yogurts, and others deserts.

As well as adding the beans by themselves, it can also great fun to experiment with a brewed espresso or latte. Pouring them over a bowl of vanilla ice cream or some walnuts can give your desert a wonderful new taste and texture.

4. ART

Coffee has a beautifully rich and vibrant colour. One that can differ in hues and intensity depending on the sort of beans you buy and the way in which you apply to a canvas. That’s why many artists who regularly with charcoal and other heavy tone colours like to experiment with ground up coffee beans.

Even if you haven’t used a paint brush since your days in high school art class, if you love coffee and have the desire to experiment with, a cheap canvas, brush, and some ground up beans can be a really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


As every coffee fan knows, coffee beans not only have a great smell, but a fantastic colour and look. That’s why anyone looking to spice up their home decor can do so easily but putting the beans on display. Depending on your budget this doesn’t need to be too fancy or expensive, but just something that shifts your beans from out of the cupboard into the open.

As well as installing a rack where your beans can be stored in a clear cylinder, a large glass jar-  or any airtight container! – can be a fantastic and stylish way to store your beans out in the open, while also making a statement about your coffee love, and contemporary style.

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