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July 4, 2018

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Big coffee fans rarely need an excuse to have another cup of coffee. Coffee tastes terrific, helps wake us up in the morning, and keeps us firing along with an afternoon pick me up. Beyond the taste buds and energy factor though, did you know coffee also has a whole ton of health benefits?

It’s true. Many of these may be little known – and some plain surprising! – yet drinking coffee is not only a fantastic pastime, but also a fantastic way to maintain your health into the future. Here now is 5 of the surprising health benefits of coffee.


Parkinson’s disease can be a very tough illness to encounter for body and mind. The good news is by drinking coffee regularly you can significantly decrease your risk of contracting the disease.

Better still, as well as reducing your risk of Parkinson’s, coffee is also great for the improvement and maintenance of memory and mental functioning generally.


The heart keeps the body going each day by pumping blood in and out. Because of its role as the engine of our body, over the years it can begin to suffer from wear and tear. Drinking coffee helps combat that, and guard against the risk of a whole variety of heart illnesses.

Research has shown every cup of coffee you drink a day can decrease your risk of heart failure by 8%, stroke by 7%, and coronary heart disease by 5%. Best of all, these numbers continue to increase with each cup‚ up to six cups a day. This is a really good excuse to have another cup!


Drinking coffee regularly has been shown to lower your risk of developing a number of cancers.  Statistically speaking, many people encounter some form of cancer as they go year by year. Many cancers are easily treatable, but prevention is of course always better than the cure. That’s why it’s so great that drinking coffee regularly reduces the risk of mouth and liver cancer.


Drinking a cup of coffee gives you an energy bump that can really pay dividends when it comes to encouraging a healthy life. Coffee is great for a energy kick before exercising, and many people find the act alone of having a cup of coffee is enough to encourage you to lace up your gym shoes and get out the door!


‘Let’s catch up for a coffee!’

‘I’m going for a coffee, want to join me?’

‘It’s been a whole hour since we’ve had coffee, let’s get one!’

The final health benefit of coffee is one you might not consciously think of, but it’s really great.

Coffee is a core part of how many of us socialise with family and friends. Lots of research has shown the importance of our social life. Helping us be happy here and now, and living longer lives overall.

These 5 health benefits have shown it is always a good time to have a cup of coffee.

Cheers to you, your coffee drinking, and your good health!


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