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February 15, 2016

5 Major Benefits of Coffee in the Workplace

In any given group there is bound to be a small minority that eschews coffee for one reason or another, but by and large, drinking coffee has become an integral part of adulthood, something to be shared and enjoyed.  As an employer, it behoves you to tap into this mentality.

When you provide coffee for your staff, you can not only meet standards of office etiquette, but you may enjoy several benefits as a result.  Here are a few good reasons to provide coffee in the workplace.

1. Alert and Productive Staff

The caffeine found in coffee is a stimulant.  Many studies have shown that coffee has a number of positive effects on the mind.  The level of impact will depend on how much coffee is consumed, but in moderation it can make those who drink it more alert and see increased concentration.

This, in turn, can boost productivity for a time, until the effects begin to wear off.  While caffeine remains in the system, it can combat the effects of a sleepless night or the afternoon drowsiness that tends to follow lunch.  It has also been shown to improve performance during repetitive tasks.

Of course, these effects will wear off eventually.  In addition, too much caffeine can result in a decrease in productivity in some cases, likely due to the excess of physical energy it may produce.

2. Efficiency

A lack of coffee in the office setting could lead to endless amounts of wasted time, from people showing up late to those leaving mid-morning for coffee runs.  When you provide coffee for employees, they won’t have to leave the office to fuel up, so to speak.

In addition, having workers that remain alert throughout the day can ensure that projects, meetings, and other tasks are completed in a more timely and efficient manner.  When productivity is high, efficiency follows.

3. Comradery

You want your company to function like a well-oiled machine.  This means that all the moving parts have to work together.  Encouraging feelings of comradery can help you to build a team that works toward common goals and functions in harmony.

What does this have to do with coffee, though?  It’s not like we’re talking about an off-site team-building exercise here.  Still, coffee does bring people together.

When you set up a coffee station in the break room, it’s the first place people go in the morning for their daily cuppa.  This naturally lends itself to friendly banter.

You don’t necessarily want to encourage your staff to socialize all day, but providing them with an area to relax and chat with coworkers during breaks is a great way to create a positive work atmosphere.  Drinking coffee is practically synonymous with having conversations.

It could also fuel the exchange of ideas and innovation as colleagues discuss projects and problems they’re facing.  This is especially true when you add a stimulant like coffee to the equation, giving employees the boost they need to start or continue their work day.

4. Client Service

Coffee is a traditional element of the office setting, but coffee or tea service is also a time-honored form of hospitality.  When you have business partners, clients, vendors, or other visitors to your office, you want to ensure that they feel welcomed and cared for.

A receptionist or executive assistant can certainly welcome clients and other guests, and see that they’re comfortably situated in preparation for meetings, pitches, or presentations.  By offering coffee as well, you can put your guests at ease, show your hospitality, and create a setting that encourages positive social interaction.

5. Improve Morale

You reward your employees for their efforts in a variety of ways, first and foremost with competitive wages and a stellar benefits package (company car, holiday pay, KPI bonuses, just for example).  You can do more, though.

You should also create an inviting and positive work environment.  Providing ergonomic chairs, well-lit work spaces, and lounge areas works for some companies.  However, employees may enjoy extras like coffee, fruit and muffins in the morning even more.

Considering how many people rush out of the house in the morning without breakfast, providing some form of sustenance, especially with a mental stimulant, could raise morale and make for happier and more productive employees.