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February 1, 2018

2018 Coffee Predictions: This Year’s Top Trends

It’s a new year, but one thing that won’t be changing is Australia’s love of coffee. We’re a nation obsessed with lattes, flat whites and cold brew.

So what’s coming up this year? Here are a few predictions of what we’ll be drinking, obsessing over and experimenting with in 2018.


Thought coffee was good in 2017? Well it’s only going to get better this year. Coffee is a science and we’re quickly becoming more meticulous.

We’re measuring everything, from coffee beans to water and this precision and attention to detail is paying off. Flavours are improved and, more importantly, it means there’s greater consistency in the quality of a cup.

The equipment available has also seen a huge improvement, with more accuracy and ease of use producing superior results.

All this adds up to improved coffee quality and that’s never a bad thing.


There’s no turning back, coffee culture has taken over and we’re turning into a nation of baristas. We’re no longer just happy to hand over a few dollars and wait for our cup to arrive, we want to do it ourselves.

Expect an increase of people attending weekend or day barista courses to learn the skills themselves.  


As we become more environmentally conscious, expect the traditional paper cup to disappear. Even with recycled options, thousands are thrown away each day and end up as rubbish on streets, drains, rivers and beaches.

Many coffee shops offer money off your order if you bring along your own cup and we expect this trend and other alternatives to increase in 2018.


It might not seem like the most obvious combinations, but mushroom coffee is happening and it’s surprisingly popular. It’s created by liquefying and then drying different types of mushrooms then mixed with a mild-tasting Arabica beans. According to Four Sigmatic, the leading producer of mushroom coffee, the result is a super-healthy, flavour bursting cup of coffee.

The Finish-based company claims it’s not only delicious, but that the added mushroom gives you extra energy and improves your metabolism. It’s available as instant, coffee grounds and pods.


After the rainbow lattes of 2016 and last year’s unicorn Frappuccino, expect more colourful, sweet coffee inventions. Teenagers are one of the fast-growing markets for the coffee industry, so expect more products that appeal directly to that age group, especially social media friendly drinks that look perfect on Instagram or SnapChat.


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