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Just like its bigger brothers, the WMF 1100s coffee machine means making great coffee in the office is easy – press one button and the WMF 1100s coffee machine will do the rest for you.  However, the WMF 1100s compact design fits into small spaces without comprising features or quality.

Perfect for any size office or business, the stylish WMF1100s has something for everyone.  WMF’s Basic Milk System ensures consistency, temperature and taste are always just right. And along with the chocolate dispenser, the WMF1100s makes perfect espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, caffe latte, or whatever coffee chocolate creation you can dream up – all easily accessed with WMF 1100s intuitive touch display.  The patented cup warmer steam jet gets your cup to the perfect temperature in seconds.


  • Can handle up to 70 cups per hour
  • WMF Easy Milk system for auto-milk, or the steam wand for the office barista!
  • Powder dispenser for chocolate, chai or decaf
  • Water source options of Plumbed or Tanked
  • Steamer spout for cup warming
  • Hot water spout
  • Programmable for up to 12 speciality coffee selections


Dimensions (width x height x depth)

32.5cm x 50.0cm x 56.1cm

(Height is 55.6cm with product hopper enhancements)


25.5kg (depending on configuration)

Capacity of the Bean Hopper


Capacity of the Chocolate / Chai Hopper


Capacity of Water Tank

4.5 Litres (or can be plumbed to water mains)

Power Supply


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