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WMF Espresso

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The Coffee Machine For Clubs, Restaurants or the High End Office

The WMF Espresso machine is the newest invention in the corporate coffee world. A 2 Group Espresso machine fit for a cafe without the need for a barista.

The WMF espresso detects the portafilter automatically, controls the brewing time, signals when the grinding degree needs readjusting, grinds the coffee and tamps automatically with 100% consistency.

This system guarantees consistently high quality espresso, allowing everybody to be a barista.

Add to this an exceptional control over milk and a reduction in workflow time, and you will see that the WMF espresso bridges the gap between two worlds.


WMF Espresso Feature 1

2 x milk foam preparation methods -fully-automatic or traditional

WMF Espresso Feature 2

Brewing time monitoring & software assisted grind adjustment

WMF Espresso Feature 3

A new level of control via Touch Display

WMF Espresso Feature 4

Steam Jet for centralised pre-heating of cups

WMF Espresso Feature 5

An air-cooled bean hopper per group head

WMF Espresso Feature 6

Heatable cup storage with soft closure



WMF Espresso Front

WMF Espresso Side

Nominal power rating7.0 kW / 415V
Max. hourly espresso output**Up to 300 cups
Coffee bean hopper(s)Approx 550 g Ea
Mains power connection230V / 3ph / 20amps
Dimensions (width / height / depth)325 / 580 / 540 mm
Empty weight, depending on fittingsApprox. 76 kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)***< 70 dB (A)
Continuous Water Connection3/8″ with tap
Waste Connection PointWithin 1m

** Depending on the power supply, recipe settings and flow. *** The A-rated sound pressure level Lpa (slow) and Lpa (impulse) at the workplace of the staff using the machine is less than 70 dB (A) in every mode. From 5° dKH (carbonate hardness), a WMF water filter must be used. All technical changes, typographical mistakes and errors reserved for the entire contents.

WMF Espresso Back

WMF Espresso Back Angle

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