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Saeco Idea Cappuccino

medium to large offices


The Saeco Idea Cappuccino is a larger machine suiting medium to large size businesses. It is as easy to use as pressing a button and makes a perfect cup of coffee everytime.

This coffee machine is fully automated as it grinds our freshly roasted coffee beans, doses the perfect amount of ground coffee, tamps, and dispenses espresso coffee straight to your cup, and discards used grounds into an internal box – all with just the push of a button!

The Saeco Idea Cappuccino’s main feature is the automatic “Cappuccinatore” which takes the milk directly from the bottle, heating it and transforming it into a thick creamy foam. This is built-in in the dispenser and comes with a sanitizer that automates the cleaning process for each single use.

Both coffee and milk are dispensed at the same time for maximum convenience.

The Saeco Idea Cappuccino comes with a twin boiler (coffee boiler and hot water / steam boiler) and has 3 water circuits: 1 coffee circuit, 1 for hot water heated with independent heat exchangers attached to the boiler and 1 steam circuit. This gives improved brewing of steam, hot water and coffee.

The Saeco Idea Cappuccino machine is suited to larger user environments with 70+ coffee drinkers.

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Cup Warming Surface Coffee Dosage Adjustment

Gives you total control over your coffee’s taste

Dose Pre-grinding Hot Water Nozzle

Perfect for non-coffee drinkers

Pre-brewing System Dispensing Unit for 2 Cups

The dispensing head can pour two cups at once


Dimensions (width x height x depth)

527 x 673 x 540 mm


63.00 Kg

Capacity of the bean hopper

2100.00 gr

Capacity of used grounds container

100 pucks

Removable water tank / capacity

1.7 lt (plumbed in – so requires less capacity)

Power Supply

240 v (15 amp)

Power Consumption

3250 w

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