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Pod Machine – Blitz 510DA Coffee and Cappuccino

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Blitz 510DA Coffee and Cappuccino Pod Machine – If you’re looking for an espresso coffee pod machine, then the Blitz Coffee and Cappuccino Machine is for you. This office pod coffee machine is made in Italy and, with our pods of freshly roasted ground coffee, makes great tasting coffee every time.

The Blitz Coffee and Cappuccino Pod Machine is strong and reliable and easy to use with a powerful boiler driven milk steamer option. It is ideal for small to medium sized offices and businesses.

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Steel plate body painted with thermosetting epoxy powder

Dual Boilers:

Coffee / Hot Water Boiler 200cc

Steam Boiler 1000cc

5 litre water tank capacity

Automatic milk frother for cappuccino

Warning light for water level

Cup warming surface

Programmable automatic dosage by flowmeter


Dimensions (width x height x depth)

320mm x 400mm 410mm


18.5 Kg

Power consumption

1300 W

Removable Water Tank Capacity

5 litres


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