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Our roasting process

At PureBean, we pride ourselves in exceptional coffee, and our roasting process is just one of the ways in which we create high-quality, unique blends. Roasting is what transforms coffee into the fragrant, rich brown beans that we all know and love, so we make sure that all our beans are roasted only by the best in the business. That way, we can ensure that our customers are able to have the best possible cup of coffee, with the ease and convenience of home of brewing at the home of office.

So what does roasting coffee beans entail? Before your beans are roasted, they’re totally different – they’re green, soft and smell a bit like grass. That’s why it’s important to roast coffee beans to perfection, because the roasting process is what gives beans their distinct aroma. Roasting causes chemical changes in the beans, and once they’re roasted, they’re quickly cooled – ready for grinding, brewing and drinking!

Coffee beans have the best flavour as soon as they’re roasted, which is why we guarantee to always provide you with freshly roasted beans if you shop with us. That way you can enjoy coffee as it’s meant to be enjoyed – fresh, fragrant and full of flavour.

High-quality blends for everyone

Our suppliers are expert roasters with years of roasting experience under their belts. Roasting coffee beans is an art and a science, so we source our beans from people who live and breathe quality coffee. We use premium quality Arabica beans that are roasted weekly so you get freshly roasted beans straight to your home or office. We have a variety of blends to choose from – from nutty chocolate blends to blends with hints of caramel and spice – so there’s something for everyone.

For a great cup of coffee made with the freshest beans you can get, get in touch with us today.



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