Futurete Horizont



  • Programmable volumetric buttons
  • 10 Amp Power
  • 5 litre built-in water tank
  • Tanked or Plumbed
  • 2 high power steam wands
  • Hot water outlet for teas & long blacks
  • High Cup 2 Group
  • Plumbable drip tray
  • Comes with two drip tray stands to make low cup
  • Dimensions: 56cm W x 49cm D x 51.5cm H

BLEND Description :

Roast Level


The Futurete Horizont is the perfect machine for a portable commercial setting, with the ability to run from a tank or plumbed into mains water. With its space-saving design, flexible water source setup, and 10A power requirement, the Futurete Horizont Commercial Coffee Machine is a practical choice for portable commercial settings, making it easy to brew coffee inside your compact commercial space or during portable events.


Dimensions (width x height x depth): 57 x 50 x 52 cm
Weight: 40 Kg


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